Meeter Project Collaboration

Go beyond task and project management. Find all the related information. Manage meetings. Control and analyze.

Manage projects and tasks

Meeter can help you manage small or large projects. With tools influenced by Lean Management methodologies your project will improve significantly.

Set and track the project’s objectives
Manage tasks and activities
Raise flags for fast escalation
Review information from many sources in one place
Collaborate faster with chat rooms
iOS and Android native apps

Business Activities

Add meaning to meetings

With Meeter you can keep all your meeting content in one place and make sure no decision or action item will fall through the cracks.

Set the meeting agenda
Attach notes and files
Use your own template to take the meeting minutes
Assign tasks and action items
Chat with your team members
Follow-up decisions and execution

Find any relevant information

Built on top of a sophisticated data collection and correlation engine, Meeter helps you find all the information relevant to your project or meeting in one simple search. Search across:

Meetings across calendars
Email messages
Tasks and projects
Files and Documents
Chat discussions
CRM and other corporate systems

Powerful analytics

Meeter offers an extensive set of dashboards and analytics tools that let any manager and employee to instantly get the most current and accurate status about their activities.

Personal and trma dashboards
Drill down to review the details
Define and track KPI’s
Discover and analyze trends
Improve compliance and execution speed