Setting up your first Meeter Meeting

Now that you’ve decided that your next meeting is going to be super effective, it’s time to schedule it using Meeter. How do you do that? Simple! First of all, sign up for Meeter. You can sign up using your … Read More

Following up is a good idea

6 Reasons To Follow Up

Your meetings are effective and thorough, and cover all the topics that you’ve written down in your agenda. But don’t forget one of the most important details of any meetings – the follow up. Why? Here are 6 reasons to … Read More

The 1 Secret That Makes A Meeting Successful

The 1 Secret That Makes A Meeting Successful

They say that a company is as successful as its owner. The same thing goes for a business meeting. The number one thing you should remember about making your next meeting successful is that it’s all in your hands. Focus … Read More

8 ways to spice up your meetings

8 Ways To Spice Up Your Next Meeting

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Tips for a better meeting agenda

7 Tips For Your Next Meeting Agenda

It doesn’t matter if it’s your weekly project meeting or a monthly retrospective meeting. All meetings you organize or attend should have an agenda to make sure they stay on track, are effective and are, of course amazing. How do … Read More

10 tips for a good meeting

10 ideas to make your next meetings actually work

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How to set up a meeting request with Meeter

How to set up a meeting request with Meeter?   Get Meeter sync’d with your life Meeter is a brand new “Smart Meeting” service for the iOS and Android platforms, powered by an algorithm that proactively searches for optimal meeting … Read More

Meeter for Small Business or Small Development Teams

Meeter is the new phone and web app for a smart scheduling calendar. When you own your own business or lead a development team, finding times to hold meetings can be difficult to work into everyone’s varied schedules. Everyone knows … Read More

Meetings Get Serious with Meeter for Automatic Scheduling, History and Analytics

Launching out of beta with $900k seed round, Meeter provides instant meeting coordination for individuals and groups; at-a-glance info on all upcoming meetings Jerusalem, Israel – April 29, 2015 – Meetings are becoming the central part of one’s business life … Read More

The fastest way to schedule a meeting

The fastest way to schedule a meeting It has never been easier to keep track, schedule and monitor your everyday tasks while on the go. Meeter’s user friendly interface and modern design makes it easy to keep track of your … Read More