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Meet your goals. Together. Faster

Getting people to collaborate on projects or initiatives is tough. Goals, tasks, chats, files, and meeting minutes are scattered all over the place. With Meeter’s collaboration space everyone can work together with transparency and visibility so things get done faster. Together.

Everyone see's the full picture

Great execution relies on complete, accurate information. However, the information your team needs is scattered across many systems. Meeter will ensure that all the information they need, when they need it, will be always available.

Execute with Lean Best Practices

In today’s fast pace business environment execution agility is a critical success factor. Meeter offers simple Lean Management tools proven to dramatically improve execution speed, quality and agility.

Stay on top of things

Get the exact status of all the tasks and activities you and your team are responsible for in one easy to use dashboard. Drill down in one-click to slice and dice the information in any way you want.

Constantly Improve

Meeter’s powerful analytics tools will let you identify and analyze Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) around your team’s efficiency and effectiveness. Driving continuous improvement is now easy and real.

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